Close your eyes.

Picture a radio.

Do you see it?

A small box with speakers, dials and knobs, and gleaming silver antennae reaching toward the sky. Now I invite you to set that radio to a soulful Americana/Acoustic/Folk-Rock station.

Do you hear it?

Now with your eyes still pinched tight, I need for you to strip away the speakers and transistors.  Shape the case into the shape of a human man. Shiny chrome glistening in the sun, towering six feet in the air. Now take that chrome away and replace it with layers of bones, protein strands, and a smart button-up shirt. Retract the antenna, and with the power of your mind, shape the top section into the shape of a human head. Put a beard on it.


You have just conjured Kitchener Ontario based singer-songwriter, Jesse Parent. Reach out and turn the volume knob up as high as it will go (We kept the knobs and dials). You are now listening to his first full length album, About Time, released in 2015. Turn the station dial one satisfying click, and you will be pleased to hear that this former home appliance recorded a live album, Live at The Schoolhouse Theatre, with his band “The Pines” in the year 2016.

Now I need you to remove the knobs and dials, and unplug the power cord. You will notice that the music continues to play! In point of fact, it can be heard all over South Western Ontario, live!  Sometimes in the form of Jesse Parent solo acoustic. Sometimes with the aforementioned “The Pines”, or in some combination of the two! 

Since its invention in 1983, the Jesse Parent has been playing music for the planet Earth and beyond, and god willing, will continue to do so, until long after its death in 2062 (as prophesied).

 - Professor Dave McEwen MD, PHD, Esq